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There are a lot of people who like to say "So-and-so? Oh yeah, I've got all of their records."  Well, not long ago, I was talking to a fellow collector, and as you might guess, the subject of Basia came up.  This person, (who should certainly know better), actually uttered a line very close to the above, and I simply couldn't resist the temptation to prove to them that there might be more to the story than they knew.  Hence, the birth of this site, which I hope will continue to grow (and improve) as time goes on.

Thanks and welcome to all...

I'd like to thank those who paved the way:  Ben Combee for his insatiable (and contagious) video collecting habit, Jeff Lohr for his initial attempts at collation, and those who were helpful enough to point me in the direction of a couple of hard-to-find releases (thanks Tom!, thanks Leslie!).

As with any undertaking of this sort, this list is woefully incomplete.  With that in mind, those of you who possess (or have access to) any recordings not contained in this list are hereby encouraged to LET US KNOW ABOUT THEM!!  Catalog numbers and high-quality scans are always welcome, and they can be sent to the Editors at the e-mail address listed below.  An addition to the Japanese vinyl releases would be particularly welcome, as they are largely absent, at this time.

As always, we welcome your input, so if there's something you'd like to see, let us know- till then, happy collecting, all!!

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