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Here are some more images that Kevin scanned from his personal collection, enjoy!

Vinyl Singles

Time And Tide

Portrait (UK) BASH-T1 (12" single, label) 

More Than I Can Bear

Vinyl Single Detail

Atlantic (US)  7-89483


Promises/ From Now On/Astrud/ Miles  Away/
Promises/ From Now On/Astrud/ Miles Away
(12" EP release)

Booklet Interior

Vinyl Single Detail
Epic (US) EAS-2821

Baby You're Mine (Berimbau Mix)

Epic (Australia) 655582-6 (12" single, A-side label) 


Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed

Warner (UK) BIANCO-1 (label) 


Vinyl Albums

Time and Tide

Promo Detail

Epic (US) BFE-40767 

Compact Discs - Singles

Cruising for Bruising

Epic (US) ESK-73239

Cruising for Bruising

Epic (UK)  CD BASH 7


Drunk on Love

Epic (US) 49K-77572

More Fire Than Flame/Masquerade/Come To Heaven

Epic (Japan) ESCA-5898


Third Time Lucky

Epic (Japan) ESCA-5982

Time and Tide

Epic/Sony (Japan) ESCA-6318


Half a Minute (remix)/Half a Minute (live)

Epic (US) BSK-7378

Third Time Lucky (Radio Edit)/Drunk on Love (Extended Dance Mix)
Until You Come Back To Me/Third Time Lucky (Instrumental)

Epic (UK) 660867-2 (disc) 


Angels Blush/Waters of March

Epic (Japan) ESCA-6620

Drunk on Love (edit)/ Third Time Lucky (new version)/
Perfect Mother/ Drunk on Love (40 oz. of Love Dub)

Epic (US)  661158-2


Third Time Lucky (radio edit)/Third Time Lucky (LP version)

Epic (US) ESK-6551 (backing card)


Promises (extended French mix)/ Give Me That/
Astrud/ From Now On (Band version)

Epic (UK) CD BASH 4


Until You Come Back To Me

Epic (US) ESK-73485 promo (disc) Epic (Japan) ESCA-7395 (front cover) 


Drunk on Love/Drunk on Love (instrumental)/
An Olive Tree

Epic/Sony (Japan) ESCA-5956 promo 
(disc/back cover with numbered promotional sticker) 


Time and Tide (vocal)/ Forgive and Forget/
How Dare You/Time and Tide (instrumental)

Epic (UK) - BASH5  (backing card) 


Baby You're Mine/Run for Cover (extended remix)/
Copernicus/Baby You're Mine (Street version)

Epic (UK) BASH C6 (backing card) 

Epic (UK) BASH C6 (front) -- this is the vellum cover 

Third Time Lucky

Epic (Japan) promo QDCA-93044 

Clear Horizon - The Best of Basia

Epic (UK) ESCA-7396 (backing card) 

Epic (Japan) ESCA-7396 (disc) 

Clear Horizon

Epic/550 Music (US) BSK-41654 (backing card) 

Epic/550 Music (US) BSK-41654 (disc) 


Compact Discs

Brave New Hope

Epic (US) 49K-73593


Basia The Best Remixes I

Epic (Japan) ESCA-5164


[This is a detail from the Japanese "Best Remixes" obi strip, showing the original Japanese CD cover for "Time and Tide"]  

Basia The Best Remixes II

Epic (Japan) ESCA-5449


London Warsaw New York

Epic (US) EK-45472


Basia On Broadway

Epic (US) BK-67386


Traditional Polish Sambas

Time And Tide

Epic (US) EK-53791

Time And Tide

Epic (Japan) ESCA-5983


The Sweetest Illusion

Epic/550 (US) EK-64255


Epic (US) ESK-1276 (promo)

Whose Side Are You On - Matt Bianco

WEA (UK) 240 472-2

Back Cover

WEA (UK) 240 472-2

Clear Horizon - The Best of Basia


Epic (US) BK 69727


Clear Horizon - The Best of Basia

Epic (Japan) ESCA-7395 (backing card) 

Epic (Japan) ESCA-7395 (disc) 

Epic (Japan) ESCA-7395 (disc detail, with "CD-TEXT" logo) 

Basia Xmas/Basia Best

Epic (Japan) promo QDCA-93115/6 (2nd inside panel) 

Epic (Japan) promo QDCA-93115/6 (back cover) 

Epic (Japan) promo QDCA-93115/6 (disc 1) 

Epic (Japan) promo QDCA-93115/6 (disc 2)



Take A Hit

EPA (US) ASK-1468

Wave Aid 4


Cosmopolitan, Vol. 7

Sony Music Special Products D2-33053-2

Holiday, In-store Play Sampler '95

Epic (US) ESK-7531 (in-store promo-- disc)


Foundation (US) 26097-2 (disc) 

Foundation (US) 26097-2 (backing card) 

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